I had a great time working on a track earlier this year with my friend, John Your Mate. "Dirty Pretty Things" appeared on his album, Taming Ghosts. John reached out to me this summer and asked if I'd be interested in playing piano on his track. It seemed like a fun opportunity, so we got to work shortly thereafter. Once we were throwing ideas back and forth for the piano arrangement, John messaged me... "Morning... I had a crazy idea in the middle of the night. Do you fancy singing the second and third verses. Might be nice as a duet?" And the rest is history!

This was actually my first feature and also, the first track I recorded in the little home studio my husband and I put together. A very different experience from recording my EP in studio at the Terrarium in Minneapolis. But I think it's so cool, especially in COVID times, that we can still create art. And art from across an ocean, at that! (I live in Minneapolis and John lives in London.)

So, here are a few links to our song, "Dirty Pretty Things", from Taming Ghosts by John Your Mate. I hope you like the tune as much as we do!