Piano-driven singer-songwriter, Ren Massie, is a small town Texas native now based in Minneapolis, MN. She released her self-titled debut EP in August 2020. In her discography, you will hear folk pop and folk rock, some acoustic live sounds, a few lofi remixes, and a little bit of pop. You might even notice some jazz or theatrical influences. No matter the genre of each song, "contemplative" and "unique" are words that often come up to describe Ren's songwriting and music. 

Her latest release is “The Impressions Album”. Each song from this new project captures a snapshot and impression of a moment in time. Like when you see or experience something striking that just sticks. Some songs are poetic and some are more story based. Some are full productions with a band, and others are just vocals, piano, and cello.

As a musician who independently releases music, Ren takes particular joy in letting each song shine as it is, without forcing any particular style. Make sure to browse the music page of this site; maybe you'll find something you love! 

Photos: Natalie Jennings