Just for fun! Before I decided to release my entire EP, I was going to release another single, “Railways and Cars". Which is track 3 on the EP coming out on August 21! The cover photo for this post is the album art I created for it.

The song is inspired by the road trip I took out west from Minneapolis to Washington's Olympic Peninsula with my then fiance. We drove about 4,000 miles round trip along Route 12 with our 70 lb dog to get married in the rain forest. Along the way, some of the scenery was so connecting with beautiful rivers and mountains. I felt like it should be an old railroad carrying passengers to their next adventure, like we were going on now, but in a our car. It's our road trip anthem of love!

Can't wait for you to hear! If you'd like to check out a preview, just go here. And remember, if you'd like a full, exclusive, preview when I release new music, make sure to sign up to be an email subscriber. You can do this on my home page or my music page. 

Talk soon!

~ Ren

Awesome Wedding Photographer: Jaime McGinley (McGinley Photography)